The Somfy Outdoor Camera

The Somfy Outdoor Camera is an outdoor surveillance camera with Full HD camera, night vision, siren and motion sensor. A test.

A few years ago we tested the Somfy One, a surveillance column with Full HD IP camera, siren and motion detector for indoor use.

The French company Somfy Protect now has a similar outdoor surveillance system with the Outdoor Camera. Does it work just as user friendly?

Camerabeveiliging Features

The new weatherproof (IP54, -20°C to 50°C) outdoor security camera from Somfy takes Full HD images (1080p@30fps) and stores them in a secure cloud environment.

This integrated outdoor alarm system works in conjunction with other devices in the Somfy Protect range, such as the IntelliTag (door and window sensor) and the Key Fob (badge for hands-free control).

It is also possible to connect the camera to an existing outdoor lighting system that switches on automatically as soon as someone is detected. You can also connect equipment from other brands thanks to the support for Nest, IFTT, Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

A 2.4 GHz WIFI signal (802.11 B/G/N) that is powerful enough to allow 500 Kbit/s throughput should be available at the mounting location.

Speaker and microphone are built-in. In this way, two-way communication is possible with anyone in the vicinity of the pedestal. The 3-megapixel lens with glass protection and eight times digital zoom has a field of view of 130 degrees. A siren with a sound pressure level of 110 dB is also built in.

The night vision with mechanical infrared filter extends up to six metres.

The Outdoor Camera is available in white or anthracite grey. The casing is made entirely of plastic. The cylindrical camera section is permanently mounted on a rectangular wall mount which also houses the loudspeaker.


Two wall screws, as many wall anchors and one screwdriver are included in the packaging.

The camera must be mounted at least 2.5 m above the ground, without direct exposure to sunlight or rain (e.g. under a gutter). There must also be WIFI in this area.

The camera clicks into place on the wall plate, which must be screwed to the wall and connected to an electrical supply (110-230 V AC, 4.8 A max). This can be either a fixed power cable, a connection to an existing light point (max. 500 W halogen or 100 W LED) or a connection to an electrical socket using a waterproof cable.

Grounding is not necessary, you only need to connect neutral and phase. All this is clearly explained and illustrated in the manual, also in Dutch. It is not difficult if you are a little handy.

As soon as the wall plate is attached, click the camera onto the wall plate and tighten the safety screws.

A few seconds after you switch on the power, the camera starts up automatically, which can be seen by a flashing blue LED light.


Then use the Somfy Protect app (iOS 9 or Android 4.4 and higher) to start the installation. This is done in the same user-friendly way as with the previously tested Somfy One. We therefore refer you to that article for full details.

The app explains during the installation how to adjust the camera’s field of view and orientation. To do this, first loosen the safety screw at the top and then tilt and/or rotate the camera as desired. In the app you will see the camera image to help you choose the right orientation.

The app is clear and easy to use. The functions are arranged more logically. For example, you can enable or disable motion detection directly on the home screen with a single click on the surveillance icon. Videos that were recorded in the event of a disturbance can be accessed directly via the library function. Furthermore, you have immediate access to the history of recent events via the event icon.


When the Somfy Outdoor Camera detects movement, a ten-second video clip is stored in the aes-256 and ssl/tls/rsa protected Somfy Protect cloud. This video clip is stored for one day.

Alarms can be sent out via push notifications on the smartphone, text messages and/or e-mail messages.

This Basic service is free of charge, but to be able to watch recordings continuously, you have to pay extra. In Europe, only the Silver subscription is available with continuous recordings of one day and the possibility to download up to ten minutes of Full HD video. This costs five euros per month.

The infrared motion sensor and built-in heat sensor are smart enough to recognise (domestic) animals, so no false alarms are given when, for example, a cat or dog walks through the image.

The IR sensor has a night vision of six meters, the heat sensor a detection zone of five meters. In addition, you can indicate areas in the app where there is no motion detection. https://dj-bruiloft– https://dj-bruiloft– https://houten-vloeren– ttps:// https://led– da aan het pimpen